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Petting Zoos and Education Center

Petting Zoos, Nature Centers, Animal Rehabilitation Centers and small collections, who are open to the public, and have animals regulated by the USDA still must maintain some records.  For a majority of these permit holders non-compliance issues and violations stem from improperly documenting accessions (animals coming onto premises) and removals (deaths, sales, etc). The Government takes these activities serious due to the trafficking of endangered or regulated animals.  Although you may not have a Sumatran tiger on grounds, you are in possession of a USDA license and are held to the same standards of larger zoos.  Collections that have USFW migratory birds and/or Eagle permits must keep records concerning all public outreach programs and accession/removal records.  Animal Records Solutions can show you best practices in record keeping, maintaining medical records and all government compliance issues.  It is possible to show your inspectors a change in your procedure to prevent further progressive action.  Small institutions must maintain the same level of compliance as the largest zoos, without all of the resources that they have available.  Maintaining good records is your best defense. 

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Small Zoos

Small zoos with exotic and endangered species are at a greater risk for noncompliance issues.  The high profile of your animals, the complexity of your holding areas and exhibits, and the need to move animals in and out of your institution for transfers and breeding loans increases the risk for non-compliant items.  Maintaining your animal inventory, health records, maintenance performed, animal movements, specimen reports and all other information that is crucial to your facility must be documented.  Small zoos who have accreditation in their future need to show that a record keeping program is in effect.  The software that is needed for accreditation has both upfront and some annual maintenance fees.  Animal Records Solutions can guide you through the application process and act as your registrar.  Contact us for all of your record keeping needs. 

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Large Zoos

The daily operations of a zoo with a large collection of animals can be daunting.  Large staff, multiple curators and vets and an every changing animal collection can make communication difficult.  Some zoos may have a designated record keeper but most zoos assign this to an already burdened staff member.  Animal Records Solutions can act as your registrar without the need for an additional staff and all of the associated cost of another full time employee.  In fact, my service costs are a fraction of what a part time employee would cost.  The ZIMS software allows your institution to not only run essentially paperless but remotely as well.  Animals Records Solutions essentially becomes your virtual registrar.  Similar to medical transcription that is used by doctors, all of your information remains confidential and secure. Let us at Animal Records Solutions handle all of your record keeping and documenting needs.

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