I don’t like the idea of having someone else managing my records.

I realize that having an outside source manage your records and collection sounds quite foreign. Let me alleviate these concerns. All communications, records and paper work between companies are private. It would be financially and occupationally detrimental to my business to do otherwise. Also, I will be diligent in preserving the integrity of your notes and will always seek clarification in your data to prevent damaging or deleterious information from your records. The fear of proprietary information will soon be replaced with the loss of stress over your record care.

Where is my value in hiring Animal Records Solutions for record management?

The reality of the economic “new normal” does not allow for many of you to hire new full time staff. Staff turnover, training and accountability are all concerns that can be eased by contracting my services. Record keeping is a specialized profession and having someone with the experience and knowledge I bring to the table will save you money and stress and your return will be felt immediately. Also, I have been the collection contact and Institutional Liaison as well as the Institution representative for 90% of the collection for a municipally owned zoological park and bring my contacts and relationships with me.

Current software is expensive and encourages too much transparency.

The benefits of the information that you receive by being an ISIS member or other software distributor outweighs the initial cost of
startup and renewal as an ISIS member. By having your animals added to the ISIS database, along with detailed medical and husbandry records, increases the value of your specimens intrinsically and monetarily. Owners have the discretion to create a category of animals they choose not to register with ISIS. By creating and placing an individual animal into this category you will allow your collection to legitimately withhold individual animals from the ISIS database. However, ISIS is not your only option there are other options.

Are you a software developer?

No, it is in your best interest to choose one of the global software companies that is currently available. However, if you choose not to use one of those options, a database containing your information can be created using readily available desktop software programs.

As an owner, what is my obligation?

The only responsibility that your management staff has is to forward the information to me in a timely manner. By scanning, faxing or mailing me your data is the only input I need. With today’s technology and the speed of mail service, your information will be as current as the speed it is received.

How safe are my records from hacking and backup.

Most major software companies store the information onsite on their servers. The level of server security is the same as financial intuitions, government agencies and Fortune 500 companies. If you choose to become a member of these services your information is not stored anywhere else but on these servers. For all other information Animal Records Services has installed all appropriate software and stable backup drives for your security.

I have never kept records and don’t know where to start.

The lack of a previous record keeping system is not an obstacle but an opportunity. Building your records from scratch will mean that you have begun the journey to having a contemporary managed animal collection.

I don’t record that much information.

Chances are that you are not recording enough information. By having Animal Record Solutions manage your records you can now record all of your business activity. Did your animal eat, nest, pass, have loose stools, etc. As well as did you paint, mow, repair, call in a tradesmen. Medical information such as immobilizations, vaccines and health information can all be recorded. Even information such as installation and warranty on mechanical parts, chart growth of offspring and compare the weights
of animals in your zoo with other animals.

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