The goal of Animal Records Solutions is to insure that your animal, medical and institutional records are current and compliant. I can assure you that regardless of the current condition of your records the transition of services will be seamless and will not cause interruption to your animal care. For those businesses inquiring about services due to accreditation preparation, noncompliance issues or maybe you are facing some type of litigation; Animal Record Solutions can assist you. The following is a list of my services:

  • Assistance with migrating and managing your collection to the ISIS ZIMS electric record keeping system.
  • Digital input of daily animal reports
  • Creation and maintenance of detailed inventory sheet
  • Collecting and organizing information and reports for collection review, planning, FOIA request and other institution needs
  • Creation of permits for institutions
  • Total rebuild of records of current day and historical animals from your collection
  • Complete animal records reorganization and file keeping system. Including contracts, daily report paper work, accessioning and de-accessioning protocol, animal file creation, software evaluation
  • Archiving historical and backlog of animal records
  • Migration of data into an animal database
  • Track maintenance preformed to building and grounds
  • Animal contracts, shipping, and search for available and surplus animals as a contact person. Find appropriate homes for your surplus animals.

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Animal Records Solutions

Animal Records Solutions

Complete Records Management

Animal Records Solutions can manage all of your records. We can act as animal curator replacing or supplementing the need of a full time employee. For a flat monthly rate we can input all of your animal and medical records, apprise you of changes to AWA from USDA.APHIS and prepare your permits and applications. We …

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Animal Records Solutions Elephant

Rebuild | Record Consultation

There are many new zoos, rehabilitation centers and collections who never had the time to begin a proper records system. Many older zoos use an anticipated or defunct system that no longer fits the needs of the zoo that has grown. Lastly, some have never kept records and have no idea where to begin. Animal …

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Animal Records Solutions Panther

Temporary Record Keeping

Brief moments of time may happen when your normal record keeping staff is not entering data. No doubt, this will cause a backlog of data. This can cause a disruption to your operation and could possibly result in non-compliant items during inspections. We can provide 3 month increments of service to your institution. This may …

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ZIMS Migration

For those who have given thought to migrating to the ISIS software – ZIMS but do not have the time or are intimidated by the process, Animal Records Solutions can help apply, prepare, and import your records into the global database. For more information on all ISIS software including ZIMS and ARKS, Click HERE.   …

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USDA Emergency Preparedness Plans

All USDA licensed facilities, by law, have to have a contingency plan written and on site.  Animal Records Solutions can write and prepare your Emergency preparation and Contingency Plan.  Schedules are filling up- book your visit today! (785) 213-0314 Animal Welfare Act Contingency Regulation:  APHIS published a final rule requiring all dealers, exhibitors, intermediate handlers, carriers, …

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