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Complete Records Management

Animal Records Solutions can manage all of your records. We can act as animal curator replacing or supplementing the need of a full time employee. For a flat monthly rate we can input all of your animal and medical records, apprise you of changes to AWA from USDA.APHIS and prepare your permits and applications. We can also work with you to locate specimens, breeding opportunities, and help to remove and accession surplus animals. Contracting this service is a cost effective way to manage your records and clerical part of your operation.

Our long term Animal Record Keeping Management can include:

  • Your choice of record keeping software or options can be provided
  • Instant access to your records for inspections, queries, and collection planning
  • Manage, forward, and track breeding recommendations, studbooks, and association surveys
  • Ability to convert records to paperless office
  • Assurance in animal record security, privacy, and confidentiality
  • Coordinate and negotiate shipping of large or small animals

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Ready to get started? Call Animal Records Solutions at 785-213-0314 or fill out the form on the Contact page and we will get back to you ASAP. Thanks!