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USDA Emergency Preparedness Plans

All USDA licensed facilities, by law, have to have a contingency plan written and on site.  Animal Records Solutions can write and prepare your Emergency preparation and Contingency Plan.  Schedules are filling up- book your visit today! (785) 213-0314
Animal Welfare Act Contingency Regulation:  APHIS published a final rule requiring all dealers, exhibitors, intermediate handlers, carriers, research facilities and other entities regulated by the Agency under the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) to take additional steps to be better prepared for potential disaster situations.  They are required to develop a plan for how they are going to respond to and recover from emergencies most likely to happen to their facility, as well as train their employees on those plans.  These emergency plans are also referred to as “contingency plans.” The goal of this rule is to increase the regulated community’s awareness and understanding about their responsibilities to protect their animals in emergency situations.  Developing contingency plans could potentially save the lives of their animals – and their employees – during an emergency or natural disaster.  It will also allow each USDA licensee and registrant to evaluate their preparedness and to more fully understand how they can better survive a disaster or emergency situation.”
-USDA – APHIS  (USDA APHIS Animal Welfare Act Contingency Plan Final Rule)

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