Both ZIMS (Zoological Information Management System) and ARKS4 (Animal Record Keeping System) are part of a suite of software owned by ISIS.  ZIMS is the most current version of their global database software.  ISIS represents the largest global community of over 840 zoos, aquariums, parks and sanctuaries in 84 countries that share information and are continually adding more members. ZIMS helps members digitally store all of their information into one program in a secure web-based application.  Imagine placing all of your most useful data into one place that allows immediate retrieval by your staff. Animal Records Solutions can help you with that.

Security and safety of your data is not an issue.  The sharing of individual animal records and specimen information is under control and cannot be shared outside of the ISIS community.  Your data is stored on servers that receive the highest security level.  Information that is shared between members is limited to useful data such as species holding and biometrics such as age, weights and life expectancy-but you can choose to share the entire record with another member if needed.

Animal Records Solutions ZIMS and ARKS

There is no limit to the information that you can input into your ZIMS account including medicinal and physical information, daily keeper notes, building and grounds maintenance reports; breeding, aviculture and hatchery information.  Reports and data retrieval are created with a few key strokes giving you and your staff simplified and printable information concerning your inventory- including specimen and taxon reports, accessions & removals, and individual specimen health records.  Most of the details on an animal or groups record can also be exported to Microsoft Excel or PDF for ease of use.

Animal Records Solutions can guide you through the process of migrating your institutions data into the ZIMS program and work with you through the application process in becoming a member of the ISIS organization. We realize that your staffing may not allow for an additional staff member to input data or that you yourself as owner/director cannot divert your valuable time to note transcription.  Animal Records Solutions provides a monthly service where you gather the information you are already documenting and forward it to us for record keeping.  Using tools such as the Transaction Monitor or Activity Report in ZIMS, you are able to log-in and review the real time data entry that occurs.

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